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Logistics Use

Many clients use FormsFly in a variety of logistics applications, saving them time, money and effort.

Examples include couriers, parcel delivery agents, shipping and haulage firms, and anyone who needs to get goods out to customers.


Our platform allows you to create solutions that increase productivity, letting you take paper out of the field and mobilising processes such as:

  • Despatch and deivery of goods, customer signoff.
  • Inventory management, auditing & quality control
  • Equipment, machinery, tool maintenance, repairs, inspections & inventory
  • Asset tracking and real-time updating
  • Health & safety inspections, observations and hazard controls
  • Time sheets, human resources & company forms

Mobile is Better...

You no longer need to update and print every single list across the company, simply add these as data sources to the FormsFly platform to build Listing and Detail screens such as:

  • Contractors and clients
  • Global company contact details
  • Emergency site numbers
  • Suppliers
  • Assets, tools and machinery

You can also make PDFs, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets viewable by the mobile workforce, using our "Docs" feature. It's a great way for them to get important information, such as guidelines and instructions. You upload it once and everyone is on the latest version, right way!

FormsFly "tasks" let you build job scheduling and dispatch functionality. Send forms or other tasks to a specific individual. Delegate Tasks to a specific team member - perhaps for completion at a given time and GPS location.

Have one team member receive instructions on the next goods shipment while another registers an asset for scheduled maintenance.

Paperless Output

Why send pieces of paper out of the office, then wait for them to come back, get lost, get found again... and then file them away in a cabinet to be forgotten?

Save some trees! FormsFly data is collected live. So when data entry is uploaded by your app, it is available right away from the FormsFly system, in electronic format.

Use our connector functionality to send all of your results by email as a Word document, spreadsheet or PDF. Or have them uploaded directly into another system.

Our data templates allow you to use your own output layouts, to produce beautiful outputs that are ready to send out with no further effort required.

Of course, you can alway print them out onto paper at the end of the process, if you wish!


They say a picture paints a thousand words, so we have uploaded some screenshots on our support site.

FormsFly Connect

Unique to FormsFly is this nifty connector to help you integrate an Access database with the mobile forms.

Combined with our template for creating new forms in MS-Excel, this can really cut down the time it takes to get you up and running.

Fancy a demo? Let us know and we'd be happy to show you.